Tamera Blonde Tripel

Tamera is our first beer on the market.
It's a beer with a very pleasant exotic, fruity aroma which originates from the use of Citra hops. Its flavor is enhanced by the use of Candy sugar and special malts.
The recipe for Tamera was finetuned over many years: more than 20 test brews were made to find the right combination of yeast and hops for optimal flavor and taste.
Inspiration for the name comes from the name of the Belgian river 'Demer', which is thought to be derived from the Celtic 'Tamera' or 'Tamara', which means 'Black River'.
In ancient Britain, Tamara, depicted on the label, was also the goddess of rivers and streams.
In the label we depict Tamera with fragrant hops, which she transforms into a delicious golden Belgian tripel.

Technical info:
Alc: 9%
IBU: 28


Ragnaröck is currently in production, with expected availability in late June 2016.
A combination of Belgian yeast with Citra and Mosaic hops give Ragnaröck a wonderfull smell. The addition of oats gives this beer a creamy mouthfeel.
It's a highly refreshing blonde beer, powerfull in taste.
The inspiration for this beer comes from Viking mythology, where Ragnarök is an epic battle between Norse gods which ultimately leeds to the creation of the current world.
For our beer, we took a slight twist to this story: Ragnaröck's label depicts metalheads battling with guitars and drum sticks to create the fieriest guitar riffs and thundering drum rolls.

Technical info:
Alc: 5.5%
IBU: 27

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