Ragnaröck Blond – 6*33cl – bottle

Ragnaröck is a 5.5 % blonde beer, ideal for quenching your thirst.
A combination of a fruity Belgian yeast and dry hopping with Citra and Mosaic hops give Ragnaröck a wonderfull smell. The addition of oats in the recipe gives this beer a creamy mouthfeel.
It’s a highly refreshing blonde beer, powerfull in taste for such low alcohol content.
The inspiration for this beer comes from Viking mythology, where Ragnarök is an epic battle between Norse gods which ultimately leeds to the end of the gods with only humans surviving and thus the creation of the current world.
For our beer, we took a slight twist to this story: Ragnaröck’s label depicts metalheads battling with guitars and drum sticks to create the fieriest guitar riffs and thundering drum rolls.
Technical info:
Alc: 5.5%
IBU: 27